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Nourish with nature

Nourish with nature

Natural skincare ingredients: Why you need them in your routine

What do you envision when you hear the words “at one with nature”? Walking barefoot in the grass? Noticing warm ocean waves lapping at your feet? Feeling the cool breeze on your skin? All of these have something in common. They rely on your skin.


Your skin helps you feel closer to nature itself through touch and sensation. It is the barrier that protects you from the harshest winters and warmest summers. It’s a natural wonder.


So why do we continue to apply synthetic, harsh chemicals to it? Even when you think you’re buying the right products, you might find that dubious “organic” marketing gets the better of you.


So, we’re here to dispel any myths about natural ingredients and let you in on some age-old secrets. So you can reignite your bond with the wild and step into the natural beauty you know you already are.


What are Natural Skincare Ingredients?

Natural skincare ingredients are derived from nature itself—plants, fruits, oils, and minerals that have been used for centuries to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.


Unlike synthetic components often found in mass-produced skincare products, natural ingredients are less likely to cause irritation or adverse reactions and are particularly helpful for those with sensitive skin. They work with your body, not against it.


It's alarming to note that many mainstream skincare brands use toxic chemicals, which can lead to a host of potential risks. For instance, parabens, commonly used as preservatives, have been linked to hormonal disruptions, while phthalates, used to make products feel silky, are known to affect reproductive systems. This doesn't even touch on artificial fragrances and dyes that can lead to allergic reactions, dryness, and even more severe skin conditions. So natural really is best.


But remember, just because a brand says they have natural ingredients in their product doesn’t mean that the whole product is natural. Many companies will add a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients. You can check the back of the label using “skin care checker” apps on your phone like Think Dirty, CodeCheck, Good Face and EWG Healthy Living.


Why choose natural skincare ingredients?

The word “natural” is difficult to measure. In fact, there are no tests you have to pass to provide “natural” or “clean” products. Anyone can claim their ingredients are this, so it’s essential to understand what really is a natural remedy for your skin and what isn’t.


Put simply - truly natural products can be better for you and your skin. Of course, you can also have ingredients in nature that are bad for you (I wouldn’t be putting poison ivy on your complexion, for example). But when you use truly natural products, you effectively reset your skin’s defences and nurture it without toxins. When you find the right natural ingredient for your skin, the results can be life changing.


Take our founder's story.

When Patricia’s daughter Charissa was 2 years old, she struggled to take her first steps due to a stiff ankle. One GP had said to let the issue resolve itself. But on a holiday to Ghana, a respected doctor suggested she massage unrefined Shea Butter into the ankle several times a day. Heeding his advice, it took barely four days for Charissa to feel comfortable enough to put her weight on her foot. A day or so after that, she took those first precious steps.


The benefits of natural skincare

There are a few major benefits of natural skincare ingredients. Here’s what to think about when changing your routine.


Gently does it

Natural ingredients nourish your skin with kindness. Synthetic ingredients are more likely to cause irritation and exacerbate skin conditions. When you use pure, natural ingredients like our raw, unrefined shea butter, you’ll find that they absorb into the skin better and leave it feeling soft, supple, and synthetic-free.



Nature has a lot to offer. True natural skincare is often packed full of nutrients that you don’t get from man-made ingredients.


Keeping the planet in mind

All-natural products are more sustainable for your routine too. Natural and organic ingredients, which are derived primarily from farming plants and flowers, natural and organic ingredients stand in stark contrast to petrochemical substances, which often contribute to CO2 emissions. Oxybenzone and octinoxate, parabens, triclosan, sulfates and fragrances, all play a part in damaging our world. So, we need to be avoiding them all together.


How do you know what products to use?

Nourishing your skin naturally means you need to do your research. Not every product is right for your skin, and there are plenty of brands masking synthetic products as natural. So here is what you need to know to find the right products for a natural glow.


1. Look for “unrefined” or “organic” ingredients

We’ve already mentioned how “natural” can be applied without vetting. However, unrefined and organic products are different. Unrefined products, like our Pure Shea Butter, haven't been subjected to the refining process, which often involves heat, bleaching, and deodorising. Brands do this to give it a longer shelf life, but it strips away all the wonderful natural benefits of the ingredient. Unrefined ingredients will always have more health benefits and natural proteins that are good for your skin.


To use the word “organic”, a product needs to contain over 95% organic ingredients. So keep an eye out for this in your skincare. Our shea butter is 100% organic, so we understand the commitment it takes to make every aspect of our products natural.


2. Do your research on naturally occurring ingredients

Knowing what ingredients are natural and what aren’t is the first step to injecting nature into your routine. When you think of all-natural ingredients, your mind probably goes to the likes of essential oils, Argon Oil, Rosehip oil (which is abundant in vitamin C), Coconut oil, green tea and (our favourite) shea butter. But there are plenty of ingredients you might not think of as natural. Take Hyaluronic Acid. It sounds synthetic, but it’s actually an abundant natural compound. So do your research, read the label, and make sure you know what ingredients will really nurture your skin.


3. Natural products to add to your routine

Pure Shea Butter

Unrefined, raw shea butter is a thirst quencher for dry skin. It’s rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamins A and E, and natural soothing properties. Ours is whipped to perfection and has no extra ingredients. It’s pure nature in a jar.


African Shea Black Soap

We often look for nature in our post-shower routine, but what about when we’re in it? Soaps are notorious for synthetic ingredients and often have hidden nasties. Swap your shower gel out for an all-natural alternative with African Shea Black Soap. It effectively lifts off all makeup, daily grime, perspiration, and excess oil without stripping the skin of its natural oils.


Shea Hand Butter

Our hands are constantly subjected to chemicals. Think about how often you’ve used soap in a public toilet or some antibacterial gel. Use nature to give them some serious TLC.


Reconnect with Nature, Elevate Your Routine

In a world increasingly distanced from nature's organic and raw beauty, your skincare shouldn't be another disconnect.


We’ve taken you through how to blend natural skincare ingredients into your routine and what to look out for. But natural isn’t just a label. It’s a pathway to happier, healthier skin.


Trust in nature to nourish, rejuvenate, and bring out the inner glow that synthetic products simply can't match. Do your research and always check the back of the product.


Nature sits at the heart of who Aviela is. To find out more about how we embraced it from the beginning, discover our journey here

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