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Image of a woman pouring shea nuts into a bowl

Transforming lives by empowering women

Aviela’s founder, Patricia Monney, leads an all-female team who work to sell, distribute and market its results-driven, Shea Butter-based products. Supporting this UK-based female team is another team of incredible women based in the village of Gurugu, in Northern Ghana.


These women are members of a Women’s Cooperative who farm the shea nuts from the trees in their village to produce the pure, unrefined grade A Shea Butter that goes into all of our products.


Years of Shea Butter production in this small, rural village has made these highly skilled women into master Shea Butter producers, and the best partners we could ask for to help produce our natural skincare range.

 In this business the women are in charge

As well as providing meaningful economic freedom and employment for its members, the Cooperative is based on a sustainable model that ensures the women always maintain control; work is only permitted between the hours of 8am and 6pm and women are encouraged to choose the schedule that best fits their individual, personal needs.


The Cooperative provides training for members and ensures 100% of the revenue generated from the sale of Shea Butter stays within the Cooperative, maintaining its financial independence and thus empowering the women even further.


The high concentration of Shea Butter in all Aviela products means we can buy more from these wonderful women, so they in turn have more income and opportunity to access education, training and can buy more food for their families.


image of a woman carefully stirring as she produces shea butter

Empowerment is contagious

Aviela also helps to empower women in the Ghanaian capital of Accra, where a small group of ladies produce our African Shea Black Soap.  Each soap is handmade using a recipe unique to Aviela - only a select few are entrusted with our secret formulation. 


These amazing women manage their own production process, and, to keep the business growing, they train one another, passing on the formulation like a family secret that only a few well-trained women can master.

Women working together for a better future

From our hero Pure Shea Butter to the multi-award-winning Shea Body Butter, we have these ladies to thank for the wonder ingredient that is pure, unrefined Shea Butter, which is at the heart of every single Aviela product.


Via its ongoing relationship with this Women’s Cooperative, Aviela is proud to be able to help empower these women and improve livelihoods in Gurugu.

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