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Meet Patricia Monney - founder of Aviela

Meet Patricia Monney - founder of Aviela

Aviela is a skincare brand with the raw power of nature at its heart. Pure origins and ethics make these products not only 100% natural and incredible for all skin types, they also help communities with the Women’s Cooperative in Africa.

Products like this are not developed overnight. This luxurious range has taken years of hard work and determination from one young lady from Ghana in West Africa; Patricia Monney.

The woman behind the brand 

The woman behind Aviela

“I am Patricia Monney, founder of Aviela.  I was born and raised in Ghana and did most of my education there.  Both my parents come from the Upper West region of Ghana, which is one of the hubs of the Shea tree - at the time I didn’t realise how important those Shea trees would become!”  


In 2001 Patricia left her home town and moved to the UK, where she started a career in an industry that is quite different to skincare...  


 “I graduated in Computer Science and started to work in the Pensions and Benefits sector.  Unfortunately, childcare arrangements became difficult so I left this job and became a stay-at-home mum for five years.  It was during this time that I did most of my research on Shea Butter with a dream of creating my own skincare brand; Aviela.”   


Patricia is not only the founder and owner of Aviela, she is also a Business Analyst for the NHS, supporting them by occasionally working on short term projects.  

The queen of unrefined Shea Butter 

Patricia has worked with unrefined Shea Butter for many years.  Her passion and dedication to nature’s miracle product started back in 2007 during a family holiday and today Patricia is even more committed to harnessing the power of this natural product.  


“Although I grew up with Shea butter, I had very little understanding of its benefits at the time.  It was not until a bone specialist in Ghana recommended that I use it to massage my daughter’s ankle, to enable her stand on her feet so she could take her first steps.” 


“When I saw her walk for the first time at the age of two, I could not believe that it only took three days of using Shea Butter – something that I had never paid much attention to growing up.”  


“Those precious steps were my spark that led to the next five years researching this ingredient and what I found I knew I had to share with everyone.”  


“My love for this ingredient has kept me in the beauty industry for 13 years.  During this time, I’ve attended exhibitions and trade shows and worked with many people in the skincare industry to make sure that I created a premium skincare brand with a difference and I am so proud to have created Aviela; a premium unrefined Shea Butter skincare range.” 

 Bowl of Shea Butter nuts

Passion for purity in skincare  

Patricia’s passion for natural skincare products and her dedication to only using the purest natural ingredients is inspiring.  Patricia is truly one of a kind and now that you know a little bit more about her, we’re sure that you will agree that her passion for purity and great skincare is clear to see when you try any of her Aviela products.  


Aviela products are developed with raw ingredients to help transform your skin while simultaneously supporting a women’s cooperative in Africa who make our hero ingredient.  I plan to develop a range of other products for body, face and hair with other hero ingredients and to keep transforming skin and transforming the lives of these women who craft these ingredients.”  


From the Pure Shea Butter to the African Shea Black Soap and everything in-between, Patricia stays true to her origins and that will never change.   



Patricia's passion for purity in skincare

Top tip for using Aviela unrefined Shea Butter

Top Tip for using Pure Shea Butter


We couldn’t let you leave this article about the founder of a premium unrefined Shea Butter skincare brand without sharing a secret top tip from the creator herself... 


At this time of year, one of the best uses of our Pure Shea Butter is to soothe sunburn.  If your skin has been exposed to the sun and needs a little extra TLC, simply warm a small amount in your hands and glide the Pure Shea Butter onto your skin.  Rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and E and natural soothing properties, it will help to calm, relieve and soothe irritated skin.”    


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