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Aviela pure Shea Butter is 100% natural with a light and airy texture.

Aviela pure Shea Butter is 100% natural with a light and airy texture.

When you think of Shea Butter do you think of a thick, greasy, hard moisturiser that can drag on the skin? Well not all Shea Butter is equal and Aviela Shea Butter products are different.  

Skin nourishment with a light and airy twist

Our Shea Butter products are crafted using only pure, unrefined Shea Butter, in a way that produces light and airy textures that glide effortlessly onto the skin, melting deep into each layer to leave your skin beautifully soft, supple, nourished and protected with delicate enchanting scents.


Exactly how we craft our products into these incredible textures will remain a closely guarded secret (we can’t give away all our magic recipes) but one thing that we cannot keep a secret is the hero ingredient; unrefined Shea Butter.


One of nature's miracle products. We source this incredible ingredient from a Women’s Cooperative in Africa. Working together we help to support local communities whilst receiving high quality raw ingredients.


We handle every ounce with care to keep it as close to its purest form as possible, which as well as preserving all the skin-loving benefits, also helps to create the unique, Aviela texture. 


raw pure shea butter in it's natural form displayed on a plate


100% natural skincare 

Many Shea Butter products are either baked, blended, melted or use refined Shea Butter, to get a usable consistency but not with Aviela. We keep the hero ingredient as pure as possible, working with its natural properties to create the delicate whipped texture that is synonymous with Aviela.

Developing our products in this way ensures that the healing properties of pure Shea Butter are retained so every product moisturises and nourishes leaving your skin healthy and beautiful.




 ”As a brand that is dedicated to transforming people’s skin with pure and unrefined Shea Butter as the hero ingredient, we only use the highest grade of Shea Butter, keeping it as close to its natural state as possible without compromising on that wonderful feeling on the skin.”

 - Patricia Monney


All the benefits of Shea Butter in a light creamy texture

When you open one of our products you will instantly see how different the texture is. Instead of the familiar thick hard block of moisturiser, you’re greeted with a delicate, light whipped cream that is so inviting you will want to cover your skin from head to toe.

Many customers are surprised at how light and airy our products are, with that gentle creamy touch that is a delight to use and a real skin saviour.

It's the kind of texture that you need to see to believe but don’t be fooled by the light whipped consistency, these products are seriously nourishing and suitable for all skin types from oily to dry and everything in between.

Whether you choose to use our products as part of your daily skin care or keep them as your secret weapon to relieve dry, cracked or irritated skin, our unrefined Shea Butter products will nourish your skin to reveal a natural, healthy glow.


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Aviela pure Shea Butter products displayed on a stone


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